Henry Morris (AKA) Big Cat


Hi I am Henry Morris and I have been hunting for the last 40 plus years and have a strong passion for hunting and hunting activities. In 1980 I started The 64 Hunt in North Carolina. In these years I have had some great times both in the field and in hunting camps across the USA. In 2006 God convicted me to use my passion for hunting to help feed the needy. In 2007 I became a coordinator for Farmers and Hunters Feeding Hungry, and have been richly blessed for doing so. In 2008 I began another journey Pro Staffing for Southern Outdoor Experience TV, and became good friends with Mike Stroff and the entire crew at SOE-TV. After 6 years God called me to another journey and this chapter is still being written today, as I now am engaged in using my talents to show the positive side of hunting, through the video clips and educational programs. We here at Team FHFH tv / Team FH tv are all about helping feed needy and learning others how they can do the very same, by using their hunting efforts to serve our savior and Lord. We feed right out of God’s bounty with deer meat. Come join US here at Team FHFH TV and learn how. We also strongly support Famer and Hunters Feeding the Hungry Ministry with our motto being: FEED HUNGY FOR HIM, AMEN!

My Email: henry@the64hunt.com





Justin Ross (AKA) JR


Hi, my name is Justin and I live approx 30 miles north of Columbus, Ohio in a little town called Sunbury. Other than moving away for college, I’ve lived here my whole life. This area of the state has an abundance of wild game and wild places to explore. From the time I was a kid I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. As a child I played with my brothers and friends in the Big Walnut Creek on a daily basis. Now I hike and play in the same areas with my wife and kids. I started hunting when I was in my teens and have been successful feeding my family and others with the bounty of nature. That fire inside for conservation and to be a steward to the land still burns. I’m glad to see my children learning to be responsible and understanding of how to take care of this wonderful place that God has created for us.

My Email: justin2ross@yahoo.com




Emilys First Rack.Still001

Emily Morris (AKA) Nini Coe


I’m 13 and in the 8th grade, and I have been hunting for 2 years and have already got my first doe and spike buck this past year and this 2015 season have already harvested a nice 7pt. buck. I have tried many things as a hobby including dancing, girl scouts and cheering, but hunting is the one thing I have really taken a big interest in!

Hunting is and will always be my passion and I love it for not only being able to provide meat for my family but being able to serve God with hunting. I always try to encourage youth to take action and help your community and hunting and donating meat is one way to do so and I have a really strong passion for doing so.

Thanks and God bless, Emily
My Email: teamfhtv@gmail.com





Roger Roan (AKA) Buckhammer


Born in the mid-west I have grown up with whitetail hunting. My father was a farmer so naturally I learned a great respect for the outdoors the way many rural families did. I have carried a bow and arrow of one kind or another into the hardwoods of Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, and many other states across America for 40 years. A wise man once said, “if you do something that long, even the simple mind will learn valuable lessons by accident”. Pope & Young and Boon & Crocket whitetails hang on my wall and in the close encounters of my mind, but finding God through his Son Jesus Christ is my greatest accomplishment. As all outdoorsmen and woman can confirm and attest, His beauty and loving hand is undeniable in the outdoor creation. That is where I want to be as much as possible, and I am compelled to share the lessons I have learned with anyone willing to listen. Now that I have retired from the Illinois Department of Correction maintenance department, and my service in the United States Navy, I can continue to study, enjoy, and contribute the years of knowledge God has given me with others. For once I was the student, young in my experiences and lacking in knowledge, hungry for someone to fill me with my hearts desire and now I am the Senior with many seeds still yet to sow.

My Email: buck-hammer@hotmail.com





Randy Johnson (AKA) Mr. RJ


Hello! I’m Randy and I have lived and hunted the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains most of my life. My dad got me an brothers interested in hunting at a very young age and I have enjoyed it ever since. I currently have over 30 years of hunting experience and about 10 years of experience videoing hunts. I have been a member of team FHFH for the past three years. I hope my passion for hunting, drive and experience allow me to bring some great hunts to FHFH TV.

My Email: teamfhtv@gmail.com




Hi, my name is Mike Absher,

Hi, my name is Mike Absher,


I am an avid outdoorsman. I love to hunt fish and make game calls.
The greatest challenge is bow hunting and that is my passion, I
have been hunting for 36 years and enjoy getting new hunters
involved in the outdoors. I represent several outdoor organizations
like NWTF, NC Bow Hunters Association, Powderhook and the
owner-designer of Silas Creek Outdoors and Game Calls. I
appreciate the opportunity to help spread the word of Farmers and
Hunters helping feed the hungry and Team feed hungry for him
crew, nothing like hunting and fishing for game when you know
the one who created it all.

Thanks you and God bless,

Mike Absher

My Email: silascreekoutdoors@yahoo.com




Chad Kindley Doe Kill.mpeg.Still001

Chad Kindley (AKA) Killer


Hello, my name is Chad Kindley and I am proud to be a food provider by being a hunter. I have hunted all of my adult life and have a strong passion for Gods great outdoor. I have enjoyed harvesting some nice Whitetail Deer in several states. I am a believer in fair chase hunting and pride myself in being a ethical hunter when harvesting. I work at the Randolph County Sherriff Department and have a lovely wife daughter and son. My son Cody is following in my foot steps how ever he loves to coon hunt at night but I don’t. When Henry Morris offered me a chance to be a part of Team FH TV and help promote Feed Hungry For Him or FHFH I jumped at the chance. I love to serve my Lord everyday by helping others both on my job and in my passion. Watch to see what we can do here at TeamFHTV with Gods help.

In Christ Chad Kindley

My Email: teamfhtv@gmail.com